Kingsbury Cemetery Haunted House

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Kingsbury Cemetery Haunted House
100 Victory Highway
Painted Post, NY
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Kingsbury Cemetery returns with a vengeance! Two all new themes and backstories to entertain and terrify! More terrifying and demented than you've ever seen!

The Doll Factory:
My heart was beating so hard, I struggled to see straight. Sweat saturated my brow, armpits, and lower back. It was ridiculously hot and stuffy in that mausoleum. I can't be sure if I was in such a state because of who I was with, this amazing woman that I've wanted for years now, or because we were jointly breaking into my employer's family crypt.

Probably both. In my head I knew this was all going to end badly, but I couldn't stop this far into the escapade. Allow me to back track just a bit and explain the circumstances leading to this moment.

I have been a clerk for the Kingsbury family for ?ve years now. I work for Robert Kingsbury, the current head of the estate. Both his father and grandfather passed only a year apart, and he's overwhelmed trying to run the business, household, and fortune that's all been suddenly dropped into his lap. I have been going through old paperwork catching up on some lax bookkeeping and doing some reorganization of important documents.

The uncontested founder of the family fortune is Johnathan Kingsbury himself, Robert's grandfather. Johnathan's uncle, Alastair Kingsbury, was of the ?rst generation of Kingsburys to be born in America after the immigration from Somerset, England. A hardworking and intelligent family, it wasn't until Johnathan established the tobacco ?elds and built the Manor that the family's legacy was solidi?ed. Alastair was Johnathan's last living relative at the time, and they were very close.

The Lady in Black:
Day ?ve in America and we've ?nally had a chance to leave our modest hotel in downtown Corning to venture out to meet our client, Mr. Robert Kingsbury, at the eponymous manor. I admit to a sort of thrilled excitement!

Carmen, however, was still quite uncomfortable. She felt uneasy ever since we landed in New York City and traveled upstate as they call it. We were, after all, entering one of the most haunted territories in the world. And yet, this is the kind of opportunity the Society exists for, and no other member has had the chance to spend time here really digging into the stories that come across the pond to us. It's tantalizing, the things we'd heard about this place over the years: witches, necromancers, angry and unsettled spirits all bathing in the currents of ghostly, preternatural energy as it courses through the area like rivers emanating from spectral lands.And the coup de grâce? The Kingsbury dynasty, a cursed bloodline acting as the epicenter around which the maelstrom circles.

Carmen naturally sensed this all differently than I. Her sensitivity to such things made her a valuable travel companion, though her increasing nervousness even started to corrupt my own initial enthusiasm. It didn't dawn on me until now that if there was a kernel of truth to some of these stories that we were journeying into more than we've ever dealt with before.

We arrived at the Manor for supper and sat talking for several hours with our gracious but sad host. Robert related the incident involving the organ from the damaged ballroom, how it had seemingly become the wellspring of a supernatural event that beggared disbelief. The organ had been torn apart by Mr. Kingsbury and his steward, halting the incident, as other staff members outside the room had broken the locks on the doors. Afterwards the organ, along with other artifacts from the old ballroom, were disposed of.

Unfortunately, it would seem his young son, William, came to his current state ever since: complete catatonia. The boy doesn't speak anymore. He will eat on occasion, but merely stares off silently, indifferent to any stimuli. Such a tragic turn for someone that we were told was a bright, energetic, and outgoing young man.

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